It’s Okay To Be Crazy!

Just recently I had a sudden… let’s use the word ‘epiphany’, because I don’t have a better one. I was able to separate it out into a few sections to make it easier to explain.

1. Live life on the edge.

I would usually consider myself selectively extroverted, but for the most part I’d be categorized as an introvert.  Just recently I had a change in mentality, and how I view things.  I have always been a sort of laid back, ‘go with the flow’, spontaneous type of person, but in my own subtle ways.  I read a few posts and watched a couple of videos in the past few weeks that have now completely changed my outlook.

One of the first things I realized was (as the title implies) that it’s okay to be a little crazy, or a little insane.  I’m 19 years old, in my second year of university and only now am I properly pursuing something that I love and am passionate about.  It may not be ‘typical’ or totally rational but that’s okay.  I’ve learned that it’s okay to push your boundaries, make yourself uncomfortable and do something that’s never been done before.  That’s how all great things are created.

As the magnificent poet, Brendon Urie once said: “Crazy = Genius”.

If you hold back you’ll just miss out on incredible opportunities.  You have to take a chance and surprise yourself!  I’ve made a promise to myself that I will do something that’s new or something that scares me at least once a week. It’s okay to be afraid, thats how you grow.

2. spontaneity

As I mentioned earlier I’m a pretty laid back person, but I’ve sort of amplified that now.  I’ve embraced the total ‘go with the flow’ mentality.  You’ve got to just let loose and let shit happen. Take it as it comes.  There is nothing you can do to stop it.  I try to keep my schedule as open as possible and not worry about making plans weeks in advance.  I’ve been seeing people and doing things on whim, things I’ve decided to do that day.  Of course it’s nice to have big things to look forward to, but you shouldn’t have every second of everyday set in stone.  So many things will pass you by, and wave as they go.

3. It’s all about confidence.

Another huge part of this turn around for me is confidence.  It’s something I’ve struggled with in the past.  Going along with the easy-going style, I’ve started to care less and not in a bad way.  I’ve started to care less about what others think of me. I’ve started to care less about whether or not people are judging me out in public.  And when you stop caring about those things your confidence levels immediately increase.  I used to be a chameleon, I would change almost everything about myself to fit the current situation.  I still do to an extent, but everyone does.  It’s just something you have to do sometimes.However, there’s a difference between altering your attitude/demeanor, and completely changing who you are.  Through all this I learned something very important when it comes to this.  Fake it till you make it.  If you put yourself out there and continue to be confident (or pretend to be) eventually you won’t have to pretend anymore.  If you present yourself as an outgoing, confident person that’s who people will believe you are.  It’s certainly not easy, and it’s not something that happens over night.  You have to train yourself to be more confident, to take risks, don’t worry about the things you can’t control, and take control of what you can and turn it around in your favour.

4. Yes Man.

Referring back to the great cinematic works of Jim Carey in 2008.  Don’t say no to an opportunity.  If someone invites you to something, go.  If there is an event going on, go.  If people didn’t want you there they wouldn’t have sent the invite. You have no reason not to even if your bed is calling out to you.  There have been several occasions where I have literally had to drag my ass off the couch to go out, and I couldn’t be happier that I did.  Some pretty great memories have come from something I wasn’t going to go to.  The other great thing about just saying yes is that it eliminates the issue of FOMO altogether. Now if you’ve seen the movie then you know that it gets a little extreme.  Obviously don’t say yes to absolutely everything, but still push yourself out of your comfort zone.

5. Inspiration.

And lastly, inspiration.  It’s important to not only inspire yourself but other as well.  Help others be the best versions of themselves.  It can be as easy as a compliment, just to make someone smile.  Push your friends out of their comfort zones (within reason of course), and help them grow as people alongside yourself.  Do nice things and inspire strangers.  random acts of kindness leave you with such and incredible feeling afterwards.  You don’t know what the tiniest little thing can do for someone else.  Small gestures can have a huge impact and can inspire so many great things!



These 5 things are all new to me, and I am still working my way through them.  I by no means have accomplished all of these, but I plan to.  I guess it was an accumulation of different things that brought this out of me but I’m glad it happened when it did.  It hasn’t been the easiest past few months and I guess now that most of it is over it played a large role in the timing of this ‘epiphany’.  I feel so free and a huge weight of stress and worry has been lifted off of my shoulders.  I couldn’t be happier.


I wanted to leave you with a list of things I found on pinterest: “10 rules to live by for those who live a positive life”.  Disclaimer-not sure where the list is from or who posted it, but it is just something I found that I have adopted myself as rules to live by.

  1. Be comfortable in your own skin.
  2. Appreciate what you have and never compare yourself to others.
  3. See the positive in every situation.
  4. Let go of your need to control.
  5. Drop the resentment within.
  6. Live in the moment.
  7. Avoid overanalyzing.
  8. Stop worrying about the future.
  9. Drop your ego and be true.
  10. Have an open mind.

I could not agree more with everything on this list!

I will leave the links below to some of the videos I watched that inspired some of this.

  • 4:23 is where his speech starts, and what he says doesn’t just have to apply to music.
  • I may post more of these in the future, but I wanted to at least get these two up.


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