Guilty Pleasures

Probably some of the best advise I’ve ever gotten was from one of my high school teachers. He told me that he didn’t believe in guilty pleasures. He thought the whole concept was ridiculous. He said that if you like something you should be proud of that. You should never feel ashamed about something you enjoy. I don’t think he knows how much that changed my perspective on things.

Whether it’s a tv show, song/singer, movie or food you should own it. So what if you listen to punk-rock/alternative but you love the new song the Chainsmokers just came out with?  It’s become this weird part of society where you feel like you have to hide certain things you enjoy to keep up your ‘image’. I guess to an extent we all fit somewhat into a certain ‘category’ of person. But to only secretly like a movie because you’re afraid what other people will think makes no sense to me.

You can be whoever you want to be. Who knows how many people you could meet or become friends with through those interests. The opportunities that may come up, its like you’re completely closing a door on yourself. Be who you are. You should never be afraid to be yourself and the fact that society has created this fear within us is terrible.

I think it’s super important to embrace who you are and be proud of that! It’s certainly not easy and you’ll unfortunately stand up for yourself for things you shouldn’t have to. But if you can’t stick up for defend the things you enjoy what does that say?

These things are just part of who you are.



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