What If?

This week we were focusing on monologues for our screenplays, this was one of the prompts I worked on.

***Warning: it does get pretty serious/deep at the end.



Have you ever asked yourself… what if?

Stupid question right? Who hasn’t?

You know, like what if I had gone out the other night?

What if I lived for once?

Or what if I hadn’t stood her up?

That’s the real question, I guess.

Would the world be completely different?

Do you believe in the butterfly effect?

Would you go back and change something because of a ‘what if’?

I know I would.

What if I had shown up?

What if I had had the decency to follow through?

Would there have been a second date?

Would she have made me laugh so hard that others starred?

What if I want a love that makes people stop and say “they are absolutely ridiculous!…

Why can’t we be like them?

Then later, would she have let me walk her to her door and kiss her goodbye?

What if she wanted to see me again?

Where would we have gone?

A park? A cafe dowtown?

The beach maybe?

What if it continued?

What if it could have gotten serious?

Would we have moved in together?

Would we have spent long nights huddled on the couch just talking?

Maybe we could have gotten a dog?

Do yo uthink she would have wanted a dog?

What if we could have spent the next few years together?

What if she was the love of my life?

Did I leave my soulmate alone in a restaurant?

Did she cry when she got home?

Did she finally let all that emotion catch up to her?

Was it my fault?

Am I the one that pushed her past her breaking point?

Am I the reason she jumped?


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