Guilty Pleasures

Probably some of the best advise I’ve ever gotten was from one of my high school teachers. He told me that he didn’t believe in guilty pleasures. He thought the whole concept was ridiculous. He said that if you like something you should be proud of that. You should never feel ashamed about something you … More Guilty Pleasures

Holding On To You

This is part two of the writing assignment I posted the other day.     Warning: mention of suicide. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The alarm goes off and I feel her pull away from my arms. Each morning the same thing. I pretend to still be asleep even though I know, she knows I’m awake. I guess it just … More Holding On To You

Holding On To Me

This is part one of two, the second will be posted on Wednesday. This is another one of my prompts.      Warning: mentions of suicide. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I break away from the tight grip he has on my. Each morning I wake up and immediately hate what I see.  I slip out of bed and … More Holding On To Me

What If?

This week we were focusing on monologues for our screenplays, this was one of the prompts I worked on. ***Warning: it does get pretty serious/deep at the end.   BOY Have you ever asked yourself… what if? Stupid question right? Who hasn’t? You know, like what if I had gone out the other night? What … More What If?

2016 Rewind

So I’m a further behind on this post than I would like to be but it is still something I really want to upload.  Apologizes for the tardiness, but get ready because this is gonna be a long one.  I will be leaving links to as much as possible at the end of the post. … More 2016 Rewind